Wine & Oil from the
Alto Garda Bresciano Park


The Farm

Born from the passion and persistence of the founder Roberto, with the help of his wife Nicoletta and his two sons Alberto and Gianni, the farm is located in the Oriane area, which gives its name both to the PDO wine and to the extra virgin olive oil of their own production. The wide terraces that distinguish the Tremosine sul Garda plateau, known as “balze”, have always made the agriculture in the area prosperous, helped by the sunny weather with summers never sultry and mild winters.

Back to the roots

80 years ago in the Oriane farm there was already a vineyard cultivated by the founder’s grandfather, then times have changed and agriculture was abandoned in favor of tourism. It is only over the past few years that some people of Tremosine s/G, including the Zanetti Family, have rediscovered tasks and passions once forgotten.